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Tip top cell phones is a company that sells high quality cellular phones. The company was started eight years ago in southern California. The current owner used to work for a major telecommunications company, specializing in retail sales. He saw a void in the market and decided to take advantage of it. This void was that there wasn't a company out there that was selling the top of the line phones that are compatible with prepaid cell phone plans. He saw that it was only about time that the advantages of prepaid cell phones became known to Americans. He saw that a lot of Americans were wasting their money in expensive and long term phone contract that they didn't need. He believed that once the advantages of prepaid phones was known, there would be a sudden shift in the market to prepaid plans. This shit to prepaid plans has already started, and a lot of people are seeing the advantages of prepaid cell phones.

Our Products

We sell the latest and most technologically advanced cell phones that can be used for prepaid cell phone plans. There is a common misconception that if you wan to buy into a prepaid cell phone plan, you'll be stuck with a dim selection of boring phones. This is not the case at all, especially since cell phone manufacturers are seeing that more and more people are making the shift to prepaid phones. So we are able to sell top of the line cell phones for the casual phone user or for the more advanced and tech savvy smartphone user. We also sell a wide selection and variety of cell phone accessories that you can use to personalize and protect your valuable investment. Your phone represents a significant investment, and it is also a great way to express your individuality. We offer accessories with many themes and colors. You can request a full catalog at our contact page.

Cell Phone Reviews

Tip top cell phones is also much more that a company that sells cell phones. We are able to publish a top notch cell phone review publication ever week. Many customers find these reviews very informative in their decision making process. Not all phones are the same, and in fact there are some poorly made phones that are backed by clever marketing campaigns that hide its faults. A poorly made phone is more than a simple inconvenience, it can alter your phone using experience for the worst and cause a great deal of frustration.

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7361 W Kinkade Blvd. Suite #242
San Diego, CA 92154
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"I got my new smartphone from tip top phones and I love it, I've saved money and my phone is great, thanks."
Mark - Seattle

"I looked everywhere for a cell phone case that had just the perfect color and just couldn't find it. You guys helped find the perfect case and I'm so happy with it."
Kelsey - Denver

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